Services we deliver

Application Development and Integration Services

Our CMMI level 5 certified development centre creates tailored products and solutions for all types of platforms and devices.

With more than 200 large scale projects successfully delivered over the last 20 years we have the capability to take on anything from Mulitmedia Library Management systems to Business to Business System Integration and Mobile Applications. We can develop with open standards, open source or proprietary systems or we can use our own tools to give you a competitive advantage in application speed and time to market. We have specialist engineers with expertise in Oracle, Java EE, PostgeSQL Web Services, IOS, Android, HTML 5, JSON and excellent system architects.

The UK team will work with you to understand your business requirements and your users’ needs and get you to a point where we can provide you with a detailed estimate for the time and cost of your project; or, if you have a detailed requirements specification for your project already, you can invite us to respond to that.

Once your project is up and running we work with you to ensure that you get the best value from our service. This means getting your project team or internal developers to a point where they are comfortable in dealing with your offshore team. That may mean actively providing on site project management, business analysis, or joining your daily scrum meeting. It could also mean just a weekly catch up call or, just being available whenever you have a problem. We don’t want to front-load your project with unnecessary consultancy costs; we want what you want which is a successful outcome.

Service Design and Co-design

Many companies and public sector organisations are adopting Service Design and Co-Design as a way to either distinguish themselves from their competitors or to provide a more cost effective service to their customers. We do not provide service design consultancy. Ours is an engineering company that understands that all good software products and successful IT projects start with good design. Because, like all of the best engineers, we are also designers, we understand the language of service design and so we can work with your chosen consultancy company or, in house team, to deliver iterative prototypes or take prototypes that have been built and turn them into final products.

We know how to leverage the power of the Internet to provide the rapid results required for prototyping and iterative change, as we do it for ourselves. We can work with you to deliver this on your behalf or to show you how you can use the Internet to co-design products with your customers, or how to work better with your internal teams – whether they are in the same building or in a different time zone.

Usability and User Experience

Azeus is a company that has grown up with the Internet. We have successfully delivered more than 200 projects during the most disruptive period that ICT industry has faced and our customers keep coming back for more. We have managed this because we understood from the start that the Internet was all about the user interface.

We are not a graphic design company and so if you want unique interactive imagery for your site you will have to look elsewhere, but if you want an interface that your users will find easy to use and attract users to your app and keep them wanting to come back to your website, or reduce the number of calls to your back office helplines, then you should speak to us.

We build your interface by understanding your needs and those of your customers. Then we prototype, test and then rebuild and test until the design works. Using the same techniques that we can use to build a site for you we can also analyse why your site might not be working currently for your customers. For Public sector organisations that are interested in this we can offer you a free report based upon some sample pages of your choice.

Reporting and Little Data

Everyone is talking about how to do Business Intelligence with massive data sets, but, for most of us, it is not millions and millions of rows of data held on the cloud that we are responsible for but a few hundred rows that will more often than not be found on an excel spreadsheet. Even though it is only a small data set it is important to the running of the business and needs to be kept up to date. It is often fed by other spreadsheets or used to update a bigger data set somewhere else; essential but time consuming work. That is why we have built a neat tool that can help you mange these tasks better. Our Excel Filler Toolkit can take data from your spreadsheet, convert it into a web service and pass it off to your main reporting system, or if you prefer it can take data from your reporting system and populate a spreadsheet for you.

The Excel Filler Toolkit is just one component of our QTool reporting tool. We don’t call it a business intelligence system because we believe that you are the person that applies the knowledge and intelligence to the data. What our tool does is provide you with a highly usable way of getting the reports that you need to carry out that analysis. QTool is a very powerful , sensibly priced, reporting system that we can help you use to get the reports that you need to run your business. We will also provide you with the ability to write reports yourself so you can add or extend reports in the future. Big data or small data, we can help you put it into a state where you can spend more time analysing result and providing insights that are the real Business Intelligence

Data Migration

If Data Migration is the heavy lifting of the ICT industry then our engineers have lifted some mighty loads. In one of our recent projects for the Government of Hong Kong, we migrated over 1 million records which were converted from different types of data sources including MS SQL Server, Excel, Dbase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, and MS Access. It also included data conversion for the Bar Code File Management System which involved migrating unstructured data to the existing system and turning it into structured data that could be searched. All done on time and to budget.

Technology products we are expert in

We are very good at developing with a whole range of technology products but we are experts at developing for Oracle, PostgreSQL, JBOSS, Liferay, Android and IOS.