What we are working on

Camden Citizen Portal Leaseholder account

Azeus is working with the London Borough of Camden on an Agile delivery project to further develop the capability of the their Citizen portal. In this project we are using Camden’s two preferred technologies – Liferay Portal (v6.x) and JBOSS SOAP to integrate detailed breakdowns of the charges that Leaseholders have applied to their accounts, as well as enabling different payment options.

Of course like any user that has a choice of channels a Leaseholder could pick up the telephone or go into an office to have the same service. So in order for Camden to realise the savings that they want through this project we are working with them to make the service highly usable, in fact to make it more usable and convenient than any of the other channels.

To realise this Camden has chosen an Agile project methodology. Although Agile normally requires everyone to be in the same room Azeus and Camden have developed an efficient methodology through the iterations of this project to enable remote Agile working. This way they can benefit from both the economies and time advantage of our development centre. To do this we use a shared JIRA repository, Microsoft Lync and Skype for our stand up scrum meetings and a hosted SVN that allows us to post code with scripts that work for Camden’s Jenkins build system. We love working with great innovators like Camden and are enjoying working on this project a lot

Video-conferencing booking and resource management system

Azeus was awarded a project to develop a resource management system and online bookings interface for JANET’s video conferencing facility. ‘Wow!’ said Jennylyn Sumague dela Cruz our Azeus project manager, ‘this is such an exciting cutting edge project working with the latest technologies like Vidyo and with JANET’s users who are great!’

JANET’s users are indeed great and together we are Co-designing the interface for the next generation of the Janet Service. Again we are using the power of the internet to speed up production and reduce costs. We are working with the JANET project team using their Visimeet video conferencing service, no need for expensive onsite meetings or delays whilst meetings are booked and scheduled, we work together over the same interface as if we are in the same room. For working with JANET’s users we use tools like Solidify in combination with Skype or Visimeet to carry out remote user testing and get the same feedback and observational benefits as if we were sitting opposite them.

JANET really understands the principals of co-design and it has been a driver for this project. We think we understand them too and we use them to create highly usable interfaces, as JANET recently put it “We knew our vision but did not know what we wanted until Azeus showed the design to us.”

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

We are pleased to be working on another co-design project for and application that can be used either in conjunction with AzeusCare social care case management or as a standalone system (hosted externally or internally). It is designed to support Initial Contact screening teams with the management of the flow of contacts and enquiries/concerns made by either professionals or members of the public. Contacts/enquiries can be recorded, put through a multi-agency triage process and then either escalated to social care or signposted to another service.

There are number of drivers behind the development of this application such as; Children and Families Bill 2013; Munro Review; OfStEd; as well as local Drivers – providing support for contact centres, social care contact teams, established or new screening teams. As a result we are putting together a product with some great features these include:

  • Comprehensive recording space for contacts and enquiries
  • Optional portal for the logging of contacts/enquiries by professionals/organisationsConfigurable workflow to enable multi-agency input to the contact triage process
  • Extensive communications features to notify referrers/other organisations of the contact and outcomes
  • Consent-driven access rights to protect rights to privacy
  • Optional interface to convert a contact/enquiry into a referral in the local authority’s social care system
But of course the most important drivers of the design are the front line social workers working with us to help design it and together we are building a great application.