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AzeusCare is a flexible, integrated system that provides a wide range of solutions for managing and delivering social care.

AzeusCare promotes personalisation, prevention, and the delivery of best outcomes for service users. Its flexibility and adaptability offer greater control to those who need it, making it an essential tool for social care practitioners at a time of change.

Visit the AzeusCare website for more information on the solution.

Convene Board Portal

Convene Board Portal is an enterprise-grade mobile solution for meetings, document access and collaboration that is built for the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Enterprise

Whether you are using devices supplied by the IT department or have a BYOD policy Convene has all of the security and access controls that you would expect of an Enterprise Class application. Access your documents and organize meetings securely on your mobile device through Convene’s tight integration with the centrally-managed Convene Web Portal. Collaborate with others in real-time wherever they are with just your mobile device.

Visit the Convene Board Portal Website for more information on the solution.